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Nancy Reiki Master

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Nancy Fried  has been practicing Reiki, a healing energy  transmitted through the  hands of a channel, on both humans and animals for more than 24 years.  She first learned the humans from a private  master in South Florida , but it was her desire to help heal animals that initially drew her to Reiki.

Nancy's clients range from the dogs and horses from the race track or the show circuit to those from the backyard or pasture. She has been contracted to work with zoo animals, and exotics. So whether you are dealing with feather plucking, reparatory issues (animal or human) drug addiction or even cancer let Nancy help. This is what she was meant to do. All people and animals can benefit from REIKI.

Nancy owns  THE GOOD EARTH FARM , home of the Chocolate Chip animal rescue in Loxahatchee,  Florida .  She has 260 animals that she cares for.  Many can be adopted.  The zoo is open every Sunday for pony rides and petting zoo.  from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. OCTOBER TO mid APRIL   for the zoo only.



Nancy channels  REIKI to pets as her handler holds the animal. Please bring a light cloth muzzle if needed. Some times dogs get scared at first and may bite. Owners should should discuss the expected behavior of the pet before the session. For large unpredictable or even dangerous animals Nancy can work from outside the cage or from a distance if the animal is part of herd.



Appointments are easy, They are usually 1 hour long for animals and can run for 2 hours for people. The charge $125 per hour for animals $150 for adults which may  paid with cash, check, visa of master card. Wear loose comfortable clothing, no jewelry or metal. Please be sure to let Nancy know if you wear a pacemaker or have any metal in your body as REIKI may alter metals. The client will lie fully clothed on a table and will gain a renewed and refreshed feeling. Many people experience colors, hot or cold flashes, a feeling of warmth or cold in the body, vivid dreams and a feeling of deep relaxation, and security. The hour will pass quickly and you will be told what Nancy has found and how to proceed with herbs or homeopathy. There will be time to have your questions answered after the session. 

For more information please contact Nancy at (561) 792-2666