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Pet Psychic  

Internationally Known

 Medical Intuitive
 I will be happy to visit your barn and be glad to see you and your horse or other pet for a medical intuitive channeled psychic reading. It will take approx. 1hour, you need to be there, and tape it or take notes, friends can watch.  It is very exciting.
 A channeled reading is where the reader goes into a light meditative state, and can access information from the horse or other pet, and from spiritual guides as to what will work perfectly for your horse or pet, if there are problems. You can ask questions at the end of the reading, many behavior problems can be fixed and health problems can have an answer. The cost is $125 for the session. You will see the other horses and pets in the barn beg for a session while we work on your horse or pet.
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 20 Years as a Reiki Master on Television & Radio
 2141 B rd Loxahatchee fl 33470
 Nancy Fried